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add a limit to the number of images a user can post

President Evil

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as per reported here: 



I was told to post this in the feedback section

anyways, I've had two occasions where a malicious users abused this, they spammed thousands of emoticons/images and the page wouldn't even load anymore, gave some timeout error, obviously I couldn't even load the page to delete the post or ban the user

it ended up crashing tables and needed to be manually fixed...  

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On 2/18/2016 at 1:39 AM, riko said:

I can be wrong but can't you control that with 'flood control'? -> posting -> general -> flood control

flood control limits how fast they can make posts, "After a user has made a post or comment, they cannot make any additional posts for the specified length of time"


it does not limit how many images they can post within a single post, which is what the issue is, users can spam thousands of images in a single post

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