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Upgraded & IP.Content/Page Problems, Questions About Issues?


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Hello all! I just upgrade from IPB 3 to IPB 4. So far I had some glitches that are very odd but been working with support on iron out the problems. The main issue I’m trying to get through and would like some feedback on is. In IP.Content 3 one could use the built in article system that work fine and can’t really change. Now that the article was built in to IP.Content, I never really touch code and stuff so rebuilding it from the bottom up is well not going to happen due to lack of knowledge and timing to learn. Now, it not like not going to learn it, but I’m trying to get back up and running very quickly because lacking the coding knowledge is an issue.

Now because of the upgrade to IP.Page 4.0 it pretty much took it out of the application from what it was before and upgraded it like any other database and such. So with that in play, I’m told by staff that I need to update the pages to work with the new system and they point me to the guides and wave me off to the good luck. Looking over the pages it give a light over hual of what IP.Pages is and such. But it really don’t address on anything about upgrading from an old IP.Content to IP.Pages. So now that I’m upgrade the article system is not in the application anymore (bad I idea I think keeping it in the out of the box part helps user get up and go.) I’m pretty much good luck and don’t know what to do.

So now to the reader,

A   A. Should IPB given some instructions on how to build an article system like the old one that is built in to IP.Content?

B   B. After upgrade just leaving the owners of the website to fix a problem was sort of auto given to them with the build in article system to fix?

aWhat are your thought on best to fix this issue quickly and thoughts?

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What problems do you have specifically with the articles after the upgrade? 

Under the hood nothing has really changed regarding the article database being it’s own thing or not. The only thing 3.4 did was to separate article database settings and non-article database settings in the ACP. But that wasn’t much more than a user-interface decision. It hardly affected the actual functionality and once one understands that, one might actually have more problems with the old way of doing it than the new. 

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