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upgrade Version: IP.Board 3.4.8 - New Version Available: 4.1


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9 hours ago, MATIS FLORIN PASTOREL said:

please tell me how to do, I would like to upgrade to Version: 3.4.8 IP.Board New Version Available to the latest version: 4.1.7

The instructions on this page are very intuitive and easy to follow....



1) Download and unpack the zip file on your local computer.

2) Use FTP to backup your live community to your local drive.

3) Turn your live community OFF 

4) Backup your database (using cpanel or whatever your host has made available).

5) FTP the new software up to the directory where the live community resides.

6) After it's all uploaded, visit the upgrade URL -  usually yoursite.com/admin/upgrade

7) Follow all the onscreen prompts.*

* During the upgrade process, it will ask you if you want to run certain conversions manually via the command line or let the script do it. I let the script do it automatically in every instance on my rather large community and did not have timeout issues.

8) Log in and poke around your community. If you want to apply a new skin, or if like me, you had previously hack the scripts to no end in version 3.4.x then you will want to take care of all these issues before turning the community back on.


9) Turn ON your live community and welcome back your users.

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