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Your support is really poor these days


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You admit you uploaded the wrong files ?

You admit your opened your ticket to the wrong department ?

And looking at IPS they responded very well in a very good timescale

***cough*** if you want bad support i can suggest another forum software company ***cough***

And you would be best to do your own backups rather than rely on your host - they will have a nice bit of small print somewhere that means if it fails its down to you

I always suggest upgrading on a test forum first as well - then when it all goes fubar - you will know and have plenty of time to fix the issue and not have downtime of a live forum

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Come on @FZ Give it up.... A blind man can see the true intent.... What you really need to do is take the advice given download the proper upgrade software and get it done. End of story. If there should still be issues then support has something solid to work with. This is a No Brainer... Anyone with 1/10 of your brain can understand this. So rather than arguing with everyone just go getter done and prove the real person you are.

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