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Need help with upgrade


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Hello, I have a problem . I wanted to update my site to the latest version ( ) and I 'm stuck in the update . I launched the update this morning around 10:00 and my site is down since because I can not complete the stage of the update. I contacted support but they told me to contact my hosting company and if I contact my hosting company they tell me to take contact with the ips support. And until my site is no longer accessible . Here are the worries I encounter during the update I am asked to manually add the following command line:


But when I run this manually, I have a sql error :


And if I use the support in my PCA and run the fix automatically, I have this :


So my website is down and I can't to go in the next step in the upgrader. 

Need help please, because I can't resolve it and my website is actually dead. Thank you very much.

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Thank you guys. I tell to my hosting company (1&1 host). A technician would be to see this problem but I don't know when and if they can resolved it. So I just wait but for this moment my forum is down since 24 hours now. 

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