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Auto-capitalize first letter in editor for phone keyboards


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When you first click inside the editor with an iPhone, the first letter is automatically marked within the keyboard of the iPhone to be capitalized. However, this is not happening when you subsequently click enter for a new line or paragraph inside the editor. Is this something that can be implemented?

Users on our community wish for the capitalize for the next letter to be automatically enabled when they tap to create a new paragraph. Saying that this is how it works in most other apps and forms on websites (it also did it in 3.4) when you tap enter to write a new paragraph (or line). So something they're used to is no longer happening, it's not consistent with what they've learned to expect.

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I'm perfectly able to reproduce what they're saying on my own iPhone. Whether you end with a . doesn't have anything to say (Neither does it have anything to say in other places where iPhone auto-capitalize after pressing enter) 

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9 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

So that's a no, correct?

Right - now got an iOS device....and . doesn't do what it used to do (I wanted to rule out an old bug report of this issue)

I assume most people do a full stop (.) before hitting enter. But in my testing in other apps on iPhone, the textarea on a 3.4-forum and other forms on other sites, whether you end with a full stop or not, doesn't have any effect on whether it chooses to auto-capitalize in those cases or not. So it's not really relevant.

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1 minute ago, Nathan Explosion said:

It is relevant when the old ckeditor 4 bug that covered this was 'worked around' by the use of a full stop.

I can stop trying to help if you wish - was just about to start uploading some ckeditor files to a test site to play with.

I did not mean to sound negative towards you, I'm very thankful for your time and would very much appreciate if you would look into it. I simply wanted to emphasize that in my opinion it should be consistent with how it works in other text areas on the iPhone, which involves that doing a full stop does not matter. Only hitting enter does.

I didn't know that it apparently worked with CKEditor before (with a full stop), so I'm sorry for me not catching on properly what you said the first time. 

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Here's an example of how fun this issue has been over the years - I don't have access to an earlier version of ckeditor than, other than within the IPB 3.4.9 suite and I'm not pulling it out of there to make a new page outside of IPB :D

CKEditor (third and last release of the 3.6.6 line)


Required a full stop & space prior to pressing return.

CKEditor 4.4.8 (last release of the 4.4 line)


Required a full stop & space prior to pressing return. Earlier in that code line a full stop only would suffice.

CKEditor 4.5.6 (current release)


Requires a full stop & space prior to pressing return.

The version of CKEditor in IPB 3.4.9 is 3.6.6 (first release of 3.6.6)

No workaround required - works fine.

Feel free to play around at the above urls while I keep looking into this.

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