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How to additional media embed services (like mixcloud)


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My forum is massively heavy on youtube and soundcloud embedding which was previously done in bbcode.

How does it work now?

You just post links? Does it auto-embed from every site available?

And how can I stop soundcloud from being so huge? It posts enormous and the entire width of the page.

I have 'Maximum video width' set to 700 but that completely ignores Soundcloud.

And how do I get it to work for Mixcloud?

Why remove bbcode then create some automatic system that doesn't cater for everything like bbcode could?

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Ah so this seems to be how the old bbcode replacement used to work?

I wish it had some kind of tag of 'bbcode' so I found it earlier while doing loads of searches.


Probably didn't come up because it's $10


The most simple feature on all forums that exist in the world and it's removed from the stock forum (which is paid for) and now I have to pay even more for something so simple.





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