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  1. This is causing me endless issues now. It looks like a bunch of content is hidden and I can't moderate. Wtf
  2. Thanks for the plugin. It would be nice to be able to edit these pages to custom text somehow and add images and other things to make them more site-specific and less technical and cold.
  3. I'd like to edit the page that appears when users click on a forum section they don't have permission for: It doesn't even have a button to click to 'Register'? That seems stupid to me. How can I change this so the registration information shows for users that aren't logged in and need to register
  4. When you already have a plugin installed you're supposed to be able to access the updates.. Thanks for your useless input though.
  5. Yes it just times out because the error goes on forever. Thank you for your quick response! Points Economy 1.0.7 How do I access the newer versions now that it costs to access?
  6. I have no idea how this error started. There's no way to update the plugin through the admin cp and there's now a cost on it. I need to fix this as it's locking the whole queue for the site. Is it to do with this plugin or the points economy? I can't 'even tell
  7. I mean poor as in annoying to have to be directed to a 3rd party website. I have tried messaging the creator. IPB support didn't do a thing.
  8. Hi guys, I tried IPB support like the warning message said but they didn't help at all and said I had to contact the creator (even though the message says to contact support lol) The Support link in the plugin goes to another 3rd party website which is pretty annoying. I am running this: From the error below you can see it is failing massively to update in the background causing a HUGE delay in the queue. How can I fix this? I also can't access the latest updates because there is now a price on this addon, even though I have already gotten it previously. So how can I fix it now that I'm blocked from updates because the owner decided to add the price?
  9. Is there a way to set a list of parameters to being 'active' (i.e. posting, liking posts, commenting etc) and set a forum area to only allow access for active users? i.e. PRIVATE FORUM is only accessible by users who have posted at least 10 times in the last week Does this exist or can it be done with rules?
  10. Here's the file for everyone else looking (like I was) https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7303-jimmo-user-join-date-in-post/
  11. Do you have any other metrics or strategy for these results? I don't think a core software update equates to double traffic directly.
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