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  1. My site falls in and out of HTTPS to HTTP sometimes so my host added this to htaccess: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] RewriteOptions inherit RewriteEngine on Header set content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests However, this code added in htaccess causes all kinds of issues in ACP. Is there another way to ensure the site remains always https?
  2. Delete that comment I fixed it, it was a htaccess issue
  3. I just tried to install this from Marketplace in my IPB. It's listed in the section 'Applications not currently installed'. Then when I click the install + next to it I get thid: Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 2C133/4 The application you are attempting to install appears to be installed already. To reinstall the application you must first uninstall it. What do I need to do to get it working? IPB 4.7
  4. I ran the check with PHP 8 live and it was all green ticks. I can't access any of the site including ACP because the page is just blank. I have no 3rd party applications installed or active when testing this (they were all deactivated when I ran the manual upgrade earlier in this thread).
  5. No, the main issue is PHP8 causing a blank site which is yet to be confirmed as a server or software issue.
  6. I think I've randomly just solved this. It looks like Google is trying to load an ad in there. omfggggggggggg
  7. This is the default IPB theme. Didn't you guys author it? I followed an IPB guide to change the banner from solid colour to an image.
  8. I tried that also, it just made the PHP version go to a green tick. But the site was a blank page.
  9. You will not be able to run more than 1 software in a folder as many have conflicting folder/file names. Only IPB runs in there. I just mean that I didn't add those files. They also didn't appear to be causing issues as the problems were fixed with a htaccess update before you removed those files. If you need to compare what is in our software, you can download a full set of files from the Client Area. I upgraded the forum this week by downloading and uploading the entire software package, so can 100% confirm I have all the correct files. To upgrade to PHP 8, I’d advise using our compatibility checker script to ensure that you have all required modules enabled and uninstall any incompatible third party applications and plugins with PHP 8 or upgrade them. I have the compatibility script already and everything is green ticks except for the PHP version. But changing php to 8.0 = blank page instead of the website
  10. Thanks. The issue I have is there's more than 1 site installed in the main directory and it's hard to keep track of what relates to what else. Was there a clear indication those files related to IPB? I don't want any other sites to have issues with changes like that. The htaccess clean out seems to have sorted a few of the ACP loading issues. The issue that remains is being able to upgrade to PHP8+ Also this issue remains. Not sure why this is happening.
  11. I'm on IPB 4.7.3 using PHP 7.4.32 which means I meet all the requirements. A week ago when these issues started happening 4.7.4 didn't exist for clients. I have updated the FTP credentials in client area. I just added a clean htaccess with the IPB code and tried to switch to PHP8.0 and the page loads blank. Some of the loading issues in ACP have ceased though, but I can't upgrade without PHP8.0
  12. Is it fine to run this version of IPB on PHP7.4? If so then it's all setup, there's no addons or plugins activated and I have several errors loading items of the ACP. There doesn't seem to be a NEED to use php 8.0 or 8.1 yet. With this, is it possible to review why there are still so many areas of ACP not loading, or pushing me into a login/auto logout/log back in loop?
  13. You think all these random errors and items not loading and some sections working is entirely htaccess related? Even when there's nothing in there but the required IPB code? Is someone in the admin team able to just login (details are added in client area) and see for yourself the weird loading issues in ACP?
  14. I tried a fresh htaccess with just the default stuff in it and the entire website 500 error'd
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