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Topic views count depends on AJAX pagination


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Topic views number decreased a lot after upgrade to IPS 4 because of ajax-pagination. In IPS 4 when you move through the pages of one topic, its views counter doesn't increase. Yes, there is some logic in such behavior, but in IPS 3, IPS 4 with disabled AJAX pagination and all other forum engines this counter works in the different way. It counts every page view.

Some of my users post advertising topics and they really care about the number of topic views. Now they complain that it's "about zero" and it harms their business. But I don't want to switch off AJAX pagination, because it's really useful.

I think, topic views counter should not depend on the AJAX pagination option and should work as before.

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On 28.4.2017 at 11:56 AM, hilmad13 said:

how do you disable/enable ajax pagination. Thanks

That's a theme setting in the ACP. Go to Customization and then Themes, click the edit button on your theme (the pencil icon), then go to the Custom tab where you'll find the option to disable AJAX pagination.

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