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  1. This plugin has a bug: it ignores subforums. I've been waiting for a fix for few years. @Fosters
  2. Confirm that the errors in logs are fixed now!
  3. Currently, the app has two problems for me: 1. If one task has multiple forums the app can clean only the first of them and ignores the others. A workaround is to create separate tasks for every forum. But it's not an option in my situation unfortunately 😞 2. Few months ago it started throwing errors in logs: DeleteOldContent returned a NULL offset - tasks should throw \IPS\Task\Queue\OutOfRangeException when they are finished #0 /var/www/abc.com/system/Task/Task.php(55): IPS\_Log::log('DeleteOldConten...', 'runQueue_log') #1 /var/www/abc.com/applications/core/tasks/queue.php(43): IPS\_Task::runQueue() #2 [internal function]: IPS\core\tasks\_queue->IPS\core\tasks\{closure}() #3 /var/www/abc.com/system/Task/Task.php(347): call_user_func(Object(Closure)) #4 /var/www/abc.com/applications/core/tasks/queue.php(55): IPS\_Task->runUntilTimeout(Object(Closure)) #5 /var/www/abc.com/system/Task/Task.php(248): IPS\core\tasks\_queue->execute() #6 /var/www/abc.com/system/Task/Task.php(217): IPS\_Task->run() #7 /var/www/abc.com/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(62): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #8 {main}
  4. @Daniel F, first you disable all my plugins just because you are not sure they are compatible with the new just released IPS version. Without any notifications (I don't read a sub-forum for developers). Next you disable all files for developers with expired licenses. Again without any notifications. Absolutely short-sighted actions. You just made you Marketplace less rich and lost your potential fees. I can't imagine more silly business decision. I'm sorry to see how IPS is burying its product and business. @Fred Krugger, you can send me a PM if you still need this plugin.
  5. @Fred Krugger, really? I see it's available... Nothing indicates me that it's hidden. Which error do you see?
  6. Links for sharing which include non-latin characters are URL-encoded to unreadable characters which makes them very inconvenient to share: In Telegram or any other service: The link should look like this: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/450368-тема-с-длинным-длинным-кириллическим-названием/ not like this: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/406180-%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BA%D0%B0-%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BC%D1%8B/?do=findComment&comment=2518271 Another old problem which I already reported by tickets years ago: If in this link I replace everything after the hyphen with any symbols the link would still work: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/447328-bla-bla-bla But If I keep only the number of a topic or a number of a topic with a hyphen the link would stop working: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/447328- https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/447328 These are annoying old bugs which break the whole idea of sharing. Please, don't ignore this problem, @Lindy
  7. Unfortunately, not available in topics widget - the place where they are extremely needed.
  8. +1 need HEIC and WebP support. @Matt, @Lindy please, take a look.
  9. Agree! Currently, even VK (which was used as an official example) is not really usable because VK API doesn't provide a full name (first name + last name) as an independent field. You still need to use plugins like this one: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8993-vkcom-login-handler/
    Only this plugin gives a full solution for VK auth. The default Custom login handlers can't concatenate first name and last name to generate a username, so you get users with names like id3429572 with is inappropriate for me. Thanks, Ilya!
  10. Currently, custom OAuth providers use image icons. But this approach has some problems: Please, add fontawesome support.
  11. Currently, if I have widgets in a sidebar in the Gallery (for example, "Image comments") I surprisingly get the same widget in all club galleries. The clubs owners don't want to see this widget in their club galleries, but it's impossible to remove it. Looks like a bug, but IPS support told me it works as intended. So it's very strange as for me. Guys, please, consider separating these two settings. Club owners should have as much control over their clubs as possible.
  12. Still no photos order setting. All photos are ordered in the descending order, which is inconvenient and wrong. If it's an event users see photos from the last to the first. What's the point?
  13. Why not type the values as text in the article? Really tired to retype it from screenshots. Also adding direct links to the VK documentation pages would be useful.
  14. Was this problem fixed in the latest release (3.1.10)? I still see:
    Useful plugin! It's a pity that IPS still ignores this problem and doesn't solve it for years.
    Really useful plugin! Exactly what I need! It would be cool if it can handle modcp page too (/modcp/ip-tools/?ip=x.x.x.x).
  15. I'm trying to put a custom ad block "ad_sidebar_bottom" into the sidebar template: {{$adsForceSidebar = ( \IPS\Settings::i()->ads_force_sidebar AND \IPS\core\Advertisement::loadByLocation( 'ad_sidebar' ) );}} {{if (isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['enabled'] ) and \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['enabled'] ) && ( ( isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) && trim( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) !== '' ) || ( isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['widgets']['sidebar'] ) && count( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['widgets']['sidebar'] ) ) || ( \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application instanceof \IPS\Application AND \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application->canManageWidgets() ) || $adsForceSidebar )}} <div id='ipsLayout_sidebar' class='ipsLayout_sidebar{$position} {{if !( isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) && trim( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) !== '' ) && ( !isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['widgets']['sidebar'] ) || !count( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['widgets']['sidebar'] ) ) && \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application->canManageWidgets() && !$adsForceSidebar}}ipsLayout_sidebarUnused{{endif}}' data-controller='core.front.widgets.sidebar'> {{if isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) && trim( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) !== ''}} <aside id="elContextualTools" class='ipsClearfix' {{if isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['sticky'] )}}data-ipsSticky{{endif}}> {expression="\IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual']" raw="true"} </aside> {{endif}} {{if $adsForceSidebar OR ( \IPS\core\Advertisement::loadByLocation( 'ad_sidebar' ) AND ( ( isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) && trim( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['contextual'] ) !== '' ) OR ( isset( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['widgets']['sidebar'] ) && count( \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar['widgets']['sidebar'] ) ) ) )}} <div data-role='sidebarAd'> {advertisement="ad_sidebar"} </div> <br><br> {{endif}} {template="widgetContainer" group="global" app="core" params="'sidebar', 'vertical'"} <div>{advertisement="ad_sidebar_bottom"}</div> </div> {{endif}} But it's not displayed at all. If I put the same ad block into the globalTemplate everything works. Why?
  16. @Daniel F, but which task should I manually run now? By the way, now I don't see any warnings about problems with cron.
  17. Hmm... I don't have this app... Maybe I tried it a long time ago, but it's not presented in the ACP at all. OK, I deleted these two tasks from the DB, but the problem still exists. The table core_log is still empty, /uploads/logs folder is empty too.
  18. I have no idea... I uninstalled all other apps and plugins, but I still see these two tasks: In the DB: Apparently, it's some... rules app. I don't remember this app. It doesn't exist in the ACP. Should I remove these two rows?
  19. @Pete T it works again! Thank you so much!
  20. @Pete T, so I propose either: Change the default ipsBadge_large to ipsBadge_normal Or fix the CSS Badge Classes setting
  21. @bfarber, no, it's a default ScheduledActions task. This error comes up after I run this task manually.
  22. Noticed that "CSS Badge Classes" stopped working as before. I use the following classes: ipsBadge ipsBadge_normal ipsBadge_positive and before they made a text on a badge smaller.
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