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Reinstall default theme?

Square Wheels

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How do I get my default theme back?  I have two forums both running  One has a little wand next to the Default the other looks "normal".  Also, the one with the wand does not say it was created by IPS.   The one with the wand appears to not be a true default.  I'm sure I messed something up over the years, but I have no idea what I did or how to fix it.

Suspected broken theme.


Good theme.


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I think all you have to do is create a new theme and not have it based upon any other (not a child).  I "think" that was the way I did it before and it created one fine.  If you have removed the original Default - and don't have a new one called Default - then just name it Default. 
I can't test it now as I've got my IPS site offline waiting on their converters to move a dead XenForo site over to the IPS license.

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