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getting rid of Ranks and some other stuff next to that?


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Hi there.  I wanted to get rid of some of the stuff next to the user name on the side of posts that's going to be nonsensically extraneous for my forum.

(Some of this stuff I'm not even entirely certain what it's for, even after doing several searches in here (must be using the wrong keywords, which tends to be a problem with stuff like this) and am not finding any guides that seem current version of IPB specific.)

I did find the area for Ranks inside the ACP, but it seems to just give me the option of adding new, editing the default options, or deleting them all.  I was tempted to just delete them all, but I don't know if that messes up the formatting somehow?  Or if there's something else I need to do for the following?

But what I think will display under my username (raincat) after I post this is:

1. IPS Newbie (Assuming this is the rank in this forum, I'd like that to go away entirely, I do mean on my forum of course, not here)

2. One gray dot right under IPS Newbie (if someone could tell me what that is, I'd appreciate it, but I think I want it gone anyway, I do have that one in my forum too)

3. Under my lack of photo icon, a usergroup called Clients.  I would like that gone.  (I don't even know what that red plus sign is for, but my current forum doesn't seem to have that, I don't want that, but I'm assuming it's somehow not a problem, whatever it is.)

I also have no idea what the tiny row of red blocks right under the plus sign and "Clients" is for either, if someone wanted to tell me, but I don't have that in my forum, so that's good I guess.

The reputation thing and the post count thing seem helpful enough, but I'm not sure how mine is a plus sign 6, when after you click on that and go to my profile, under "reputation activity" it just says, "There's nothing here yet."  

Sooo . . . where did the 6 come from?  Is everyone a default of 6 until something else happens?  And if that's the case, what's special about 6?

Is there a current guide for reputation someplace?  Couldn't find that either.


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Hi there, thanks for your reply!  Your screenshot is closer to what I wanted, but not quite.  

I DID want to keep the reputation.

I did NOT want to keep the usergroup.

Or, to hopefully helpfully demonstrate with a screenshot from my forum, I wanted to get rid of the 3 items around which I drew those awkward little red squares.

Could you tell me how to do that instead? :)


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To get how your screenie is would require editing the template instead of using css as posted above (admincp >> customization >> themes >> far right of theme name click the edit html/css >> template tab >> forums >> topic >> postContainer

there comment out all you do not require (using <!-- and -->) 


			{{if $comment->author()->rank['image'] && $comment->author()->member_id}}
				<li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone'>{$comment->author()->rank['image']|raw}</li>

NOTE: when upgrading IPB in the future you will then have to revert the template and re-do the edits you make

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