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YouTube videos don't work

Jordan Miller

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10 hours ago, Dean_ said:

Make sure you hit enter to make a new line, paste the yt link, then press enter again, if it doesn't embed try it again, or simply edit the post and try again and it does eventually embed the link.

It does embed the video, but then you can't submit the post. It just does nothing when hitting Submit Reply

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2 minutes ago, motomac said:

Pressing Enter after pasting YouTube link isn't obvious for 99% users including me. I learned it only from this topic.

Please, make embedding more user friendly!

100% agree! please check also this behaviour when the setting in admin is on (editor no newlines)

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On 07/12/2015 at 8:48 PM, breatheheavy said:

Unfortunately this still does not work on my site. It is a big deal users can't post YT videos directly.

Posting the link then hitting "enter" does show the video, but you cannot submit the reply. It never posts.

Same here and unfortunately users don't know they need to do this so there are a lot of youtube links all over the place. 

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