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Suggestion - My Activity link in our user dropdown, and also


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Just like My Content in 3.4, I want My Activity in the dropdown...


This link on profile page:


I also want here:



For continuity, change Profile to My Profile... then all 3 lines have My.

My Profile
My Activity
My Attachments (I don't even really need this here, I don't allow deletion of them so no point.)


If we don't allow attachment deletion perhaps hide My Attachments in the dropdown but put somewhere else? Takes up space.




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Very cool thanks!

Suggestion to IPS still stands.

And My Attachments, that is not needed there. Especially if you don't allow deletion, there is nothing to do on that page and it takes up menu space. Better in settings somewhere, or even better, next to "See my activity", so...

[See my attachments]   [See my activity]

Then on profiles of others

[See their attachments]   [See their activity]

That would be great and has been suggested many times, to be able to see other members' attachments.

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