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Conversion dublicates blogs as blog comments


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I have mostly successfull converted a vbulletin 4  to IPS 3. The only problem I have found so far is that each blog entry is duplicated as a blog comment. So for each blog the first comment is a copy of the blog entry itself.

I have tried to rerun the converter several times, but it does the same each time. Is there a simple way I can just delete the first comment for each blog entry? Or some other fix for that error?

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Just to clarify (as this is posted in the 4x area)

You've converted VB4 to IPS3 or IPS4 ? :)

If its v3 then are you using the latest converter ?

The 4x converter is still considered 'beta' at this stage however.

The 3x converter is here (last update was August, its build 1.2.15)

The 4x converter is here (3rd November)


I only ask as if its the 4x converter then that would be considered a bug, but the 3x converter should not do this (I've not heard of it happening before)

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Yes this should probably have been posted in the 3x area. Since the 4x converter dosent work probably (have testet) I had to reinstall 3x and convert using the 3x converter. The conversion using the 3x converter worked, except the strange copy of blog entries to blog comments.

Yes I am using the latest build from August.


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