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  1. I have been using Invision to run a large community for many years, and it's by far the best community software out there. However at the moment I work as a webdesigner full time at webbureau and I no longer have an active community, so I don't check in here so often. This means that I might not see your comments and and if I do, it might take some time before I reply.

  2. Thanks for the info and effort in making the tools needed to comply With GDPR. However I really wish for a better Way of dealing with deletion or removal of personal data. I wish that there was a dedicated user page for this, where a user could perform the following actions: deactivate profile - so that the user profile will not be accessible and every thing appears if the user is removed, except data is still existent and the user can reactivate their profile. delete profile - andboptions to also delete blogs and/or forum threads etc. also when a user chose to delete it would be great if we could set a period before the actual deletion is performed where the user can cancel the deletion. Dealing with all this through the admin is becoming a pain, especialy having to remember deleting content with the request of profile deletion.
  3. Okay I found the solution, so I might as well share it here if anyone else needs this at some time: The following SQL command will set statusupdates as enabled for all members. Ans if you want to ensure that new members also has status updates enabled as default, then this great plugin will help with that:
  4. Can anyone help me with a SQL command that I can insert in the SQL toolbox in admin, so that status updates gets enabled for all users? I found this command (update core_members set members_disable_pm = 0;) that will ensure member pm are not disabled. So I think something similar could be run to enable status updates for all members, I hope someone can tell be the correct command for this.
  5. Question removed. I found an alternative solution But since I have already made a post, I will just use the space to say thanks for this great plugin
  6. Yes Please I would love that. The other plugin has been removed, and we really need something more. We use the plugin as main content on a page where it works like a social hub for our community. I would really love to: 1. Be able to set reactions for each status directly on the widget. 2. And that rich media embeds were shown in the widget 3. And that there was pagination to show more. 4. And an settings option to always show comments just as it does in the activity stream for status updates.
  7. OK thanks, would be very usefull for new communities. But im my case I need a solution that also work for existing users.
  8. Thanks but will this also work for existing users? Or only new registrations?
  9. It seems that each user has to go into settings to enable status updates. Is there a way to make status updates available for all users without them enabling it manually?
  10. Yes would be really useful if it could prompt users to make first post in forum, blog or just comment something.
  11. Still hoping for this The widget blocks are very powerfull in making a homepage that just suits every purpose, but a sidewide whats new (forum, blogs, clubs , reactions) widget is really missing. As it is now we have to setup blogs for every single kind og content, and thats messy.
  12. ahh yes, I change from the past in the theme had removed the reactions. Thanks
  13. For some reason reactions are not shown in community blogs. Its only one day since I upgraded to latest version (with reactions instead of like) and I have already received several questions from members where the reactions for blog entries are. I can't find a setting shat should disable or enable reactions for blog entries, can anyone help me with that ?
  14. It would be really nice if there would be more blocks / widgets. Especially a widget that could show x items from any activitystream - then we would have a very powerfull widget that could be custimized with the already powerfull activitystreams. Probably too much to wish for, but here it is:-)
  15. When a user create a new blog entry the blog name in the social stream widget is not correct. It shows something like this: Username posted Some-Title in blogs_blog_3417. when it should show Username posted Some-Title in Blog_name.
    I dont really use the Social Stream as a standalone page, but as a widget/block its unbelievable useful. On my startpage I have a widget which show all the latest posts from all apps (forum, blogs, articles) Now users can discover new content without having to look through three different widget blocks. But whats more important, I have created a widget showing new posts from members each user follow. Those are blocks that should have been part of the default suite, but I am quite sure that they will never be. So Thank you
  16. It would be great if there were some way to highlight unread items in the list. In The build in topic block you can do some think like: {{if $topic->unread()}}<i class="fa fa-circle"></i>{{endif}} It would be really nice it we could do the same with the items in the social stream widget
  17. Is there a way to tell the system that is should not cache a block? I have edited the Blog Entry Feed block to show a button that link to different contend based on user permission. This means that all users see the content of the button as it were when some random user caused it to be cached.
  18. For anyone else who wish to do this. Here is what I have come up with so far. Its not pretty, but its what I got Replace the following in globalTemplate <title>{expression="output.getTitle( $title )"}</title> With the following if you just want to remove site name: {{$cleantitle = str_replace( 'IPS Community Suite', '',$title );}} <title>{expression="output.getTitle( $cleantitle )"}</title> Or if you want to remove forum name and sitename and blog name.. Warning: This will remove anytning in the title after the first " - " chars in any title. So if a forum title is "This is my title - funny" it will be shortend to "This is my title" So its not perfect but I belive its still better {{if array_intersect(array('forums', 'blogs'), $location )}} {{$title = substr($title, 0, strpos($title, " - "));}} {{endif}} <title>{expression="output.getTitle( $title )"}</title> Anyone with a better solution is welcome...
    Works perfectly on both forum and blogs. A must have if you language contain special chars other than a-z. Was a little afraid it would mess with existing URLs but it dosent. And even if I uninstall this the urls dosent change back. Absolutely Great! But it would nice with explanation why it still work when uninstalled?
  19. Is it possible to get this to work with blog entries also?
  20. Thank you for your reply. As I understand it "ACP -> System -> Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Tags." will only let me make changes for individual pages. Else I cant figure out how to remove forum name and sitename for all pages with this tool. You are right in most cases it wont hurt directly. But not having them included in the title seems to give an advantage in my experience. Its best to limit the words in the title tag and the length should not be more than 55 chars. Why? Because: 1. The title should only contain information about the topic and not unnecessary keywords (which forum name and sitename is in my case) . The content of the title is used in the ranking algorithm, and the more it match the search phrase the better (people probably wont include a specific site or forum name in their search) 2. People are more likely to click on a title in the format "Title of the topic" than "Title of the topic - some forum name - thesitename.com" because its easier to read and give a better macth af the search term (of course this depends on what site it is. For this community the sitename in the title will probably be positive towards clicks) 3. After 55 chars google will begin to cut the title anyway, not that it matter anything to SEO.
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