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[Suggesting] A Cancel Post Button


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One of my members had the following idea:


Presently, the editor retains and remembers anything one has typed in when composing either a post in an existing topic, or a PM. 


If one changes one's mind about posting at all, just "backing out" by not hitting "Submit Post/etc" and refreshing the page or closing the topic or going to another topic does nothing to what is in the editor. So far as I have found, one has to manually delete whatever is in the editor to wipe it off, including invoking the command+right-click or command+double-finger-tap contextual menu over a quoted block of text and selecting "delete quote and contents". 


How about a "Cancel" button for posts and PMs, configured to wipe out anything in the editor and return one to the page as one was before starting to initiate posting? A dialog box asking if one was sure could be interposed, and one would have to click on "yes" (e.g.) to complete the wiping clean of the editor. There is a "Cancel" button when starting/creating a new topic, but not (as far as I see) for all other posts; and even with this "Cancel" button the editor retains everything one has typed. Another way might be to interpose a dialog offering the option of either simply not posting (editor retains typed content); or erase and exit the editor (editor wipes off everything).


This would be different from when one accidentally leaves the editing window, and backing up or calling up the editor again gives one the editor with previous typing retained. That is a good thing in the new software.


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