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Bug Upgrade 4.1 - 4.1.1


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ive tested the update from to 4.1.1 out 6 or 7 times by now; every variation i try brakes my sites css,
when running diagnostics after purge caches; the system tries to revert to the default or restore default theme which results in the same error

go to site right after upgrade, not logged in yet (CSS broken; login behind menu bar)


Logged in, note CSS is still broken


Repair attempt


continue issue not resolved


continue anyway issue not resolved


continue issue not resolved


continue issue not resolved; results in this error!

test site: http://forumsdev.nightenvironment.com/
browser FF 28 (no hassling my browser pls (Jim :) ))

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i understand you guys are introducing a new interface;
imo it's too much making it mandatory for everyone to switch to the new layout with no option for the older theme,
navigation is different; and so is the page layout; not everyone has the time to stop everything and start dealing with new layout now,
id like the option please of keeping my old theme as is untill i find the time to make the adjustment required for the new layout,
there are many bug fixes im more interested in right now; but not necessarily have the time to deal with the new layout adjustment,
though i didn't implement this on my live instance; this isn't cool forcing a move like that!

just my two cents guys,

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same exact issues observed with 4.1.2 update as in my last post,

same issue as posted with v4.1.1 exists in v4.1.2 with these additional issues



gallery preview title truncated, then broken to three rows




Daily motion video's div's are still floating up the front when editing; blocking the edit area




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