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  1. Very well done. I see no noticeable performance decrease at all. Thankyou
  2. The lite version seems to be gone from the market, will it be back?
  3. Thankyou, worked a treat. And very quick support. Thanks.
  4. Any way to show the group title when you hover over the banners?
  5. Using the demo colab, when creating a new category it doesn't save the option 'Enable Topic Forums?", it reverts back to unselected each time. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, but does the same thing. This is using the latest Collab demo
  6. How far under the hood do you need? Just wondering if it's the encryption that's bothering it
  7. Had to disable the trial as it was slowing the server to a crawl. Once disabled the site ran fine. weird
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