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  1. Will IP.Nexus be added to the IPS4 pre-release site?
  2. Blockchain.info Nexus Gateway

    What online BTC exchange this mod uses?
  3. Watch Dogs Skin

    Can I see a demo?
  4. Agile by IPS Themes

    Are you talking about hover description. If so there's a option to turn it off.
  5. Agile by IPS Themes

    I am experience some of the same issues.
  6. Agile by IPS Themes

    I am using Google Chrome & Windows 7.
  7. Agile by IPS Themes

  8. Agile by IPS Themes

    http://concisegaming.com/... My community is currently offline. But I can create a user account for you if you would like.
  9. Agile by IPS Themes

    How can I fix this? It's not aligning properly like in the demo.
  10. Agile by IPS Themes

    I did. A moderator as have to approve it for it to be shown.
  11. Agile by IPS Themes

    I really love this theme it really enhances the look and feel of my community. Great work Tom. Thank you very much!
  12. 4.0 - Profiles

    Very nice love the new profiles.
  13. Call Out Boxes BBCode

    This is item is now available to free!
  14. Alert Boxes BBCode

    This is item is now available to free!
  15. CSS3 Panels - BBCode

    I have created them just didn't release them yet. I have been way too busy!