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I see 4.1.0 is now available

Jamie Clark

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32 minutes ago, Jamie Clark said:

Thank you guys. I think then I will wait and see if there are any major issues in 4.1 that they plan to fix quickly and update the Client Area download.

If you already upgraded to version 4 - make sure you take note that 4.1 is also a security update.

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i've update just now...

error 500 in homepage after upgrade! ok Access on acp.

access in acp i go to change default app (just for test), but here i can see some incongruence with this (eg two app as default, and in one app two or three module as default...)

I've reset all again, go in advanced pages (and here I've see green flag in "Use a gateway under your suite root" - but I still have my setup in root)...

after of this I've try to go in support, something not work ecc... remove cache, and now all seems to work fine again :)


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