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Pages in 4.1 - when are all features from 3.4 back in the mix? / Multi-Language Support for Databases in Pages


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Hello IPS Team,

i've tried the 4.1 beta with the hopes of getting the relational database field back. While it is it really differs from the old one which makes it impossible to convert 3.4 sites that use those features to 4.1.

Do you have a roadmap that details when all currently missing features that where available with 3.4 are back?

  • You cannot link to a database record from the same database
  • There's no option to cross-link the records
  • The input box to select an article is just a blank text field - a choice of dropdown, multi-choice and type-ahead would be really helpful
  • You cannot sub-filter by category when linking
  • No option to link the records or not available (Well, i guess one could do that with the custom formatting option...)

IP.Content in 3.x offered WAY more features compared to the current beta. I really am worried about backwards compatibility with 3.x here - I've got tons of crosslinked entries in databases. How is this being handled during the upgrade?


The other thing I am wondering about is the multi language support. That's an awesome feature I desperately need as customers constantly request this. Is it planned to have it available for custom database fields as well or do you guys have a best practice on how to create a multi-language website that uses a custom database in pages?

Thanks :)

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By now I think they simply do not care anymore about product continuity or compatibility. Numerous community members (customers!) have brought up this issue time and time again. The lack of a response by the IPS team for over a quarter of a year to this thread speaks volumes.

June 1st marks the end of ALL technical support for the 3.4 product line and still the current 4.x version is not compatible with the 3.4 installations.

That's how I feel...


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