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Soft Delete / Recycle Bin

Michael R

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7 hours ago, Michael R said:

Okay, I just found out the hard way that there is no way to UN-delete a post. I thought I was deleting a REPORT but apparently I deleted the POST. Uggh.

If there any way to recover the post? I'm being accused of censorship and it was an honest mistake.

Just censor the accusation.  Problem solved.  


I also support the idea of a soft delete.  The ideas out forth by IPS (just train your mods better, don't have your mods delete, etc) don't fully cover the panoply of mistakes that can rightfully albeit unfortunately occur.  

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No, soft-delete is gone, in 3.4 you could hide and delete (which soft deleted and purged later).

Now we can't use these functions separately. My mods hide many posts for preservation, and to keep the history of troublesome members. Hide to hide. And they delete to remove. Now when we delete it is gone so there is no recovery for mistakes. And if we use hide to "delete" we mix hidden and deleted posts, and can't purge because we will lose the posts we want "hidden" not deleted.

All that is needed is a recycle bin. Restricting mods from deleting is not the answer, I want to use hide for hiding, and even admins make mistakes deleting.

Hide - Remove post from view but keep intact in the content, not to be deleted.
Delete - Intended for removal, will be purged.

That's how we used it (as intended right?) Now, delete removes permanently. Renaming Hide does not allow us to use that function for hiding unless we never purge or if we don't care about deleted and hidden posts mixed and taking up space. Or take time to weed through hidden posts to delete what was intended for deletion. No thanks.

Not sure what I will do yet. Still hoping for a recycle bin function.




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To be honest I dont see many negatives to an admin option to have instant delete versus batch delete after x days. The term "delete" remains the same but admins can choose to add a recovery window if they want. Its the same function and option but a delete from db after x days purge option wouldnt be that terrible or confusing and would only be accessible by admincp level people only.

Right now we will just rename hide and only very limited numbers will have full delete but I do understand this debate has come up before and has been answered but I thought I would basically +1 the batch option.

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