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editing join dates on database?


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a couple weeks ago i merged 2 ip.board forums and now i notice that some users has a wrong join dates on their profile for example if they had registered on 2010 now it shows a different join dates 
its probably because they had the same user name and email address on both sides while i merged forums  

but im asking if its possible to change user join dates manually on database? i really need to do this and its important

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This is possible, but you always need to be careful when you do manual queries, of course.

If this is on IPS 4, then the following query should work:

UPDATE core_members SET joined=UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2004-10-30 09:00:00') WHERE member_id=X;

You'll need to add your database-prefix before "core_members" and replace X with the ID of the member you wish to update. You can find the member ID in the URL to that members profile. For example: https://community.invisionpower.com/profile/135437-tsp/

You also need to change the date, obviously. It's in the format of "year-month-day hour:minute:second". 

If this is on IPS 3.4.X, then the table name is "members" instead of "core_members". The rest of the query is the same.

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