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Unique menu manager?!


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in ips4, like from this article:

we can order element in menu by app and also by pages. but element from pages depends by apps order (if is setup as default etc).

cause of it is impossible to have a menu like this:

homepage (pages) | forum (core) | directory (pages) | gallery (core) | quotes (pages) | blogs (core) etc...

my request is if is possible, in future release, to make just a menu setup like WordPress style (primary menu in left panel) for core, pages and any other suite elements.

thanks for time,

regards... :)

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I've pay for ipb, I pay for renew ipb every 6months.. sorry, is just my humble opinion, but ipb is a suite - so, I cannot pay also 60$ +15$ for renewal every 6months, just for a menu manager (feature present from default in every suite like joomla, WordPress, drupal etc).

my request is to ips just to make a valid menu manager in core suite (ve have pages, forum, blog, gallery etc... we need to order in menu)!


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I would also like a menu manager to be something in the core. Ideally I think it should allow us to easily customize all menus. Like the user menu, "app line menu", the menu at the line with the breadcrumb etc. 

It should all be easily managable within one central menu page, without having to go to the app list and change whether the menu tab for that app should be visible etc. 

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