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start showing off some of the ips 4.0 bells and whistles


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Although most of the bells and whistles are kind of right in your face, there are some features that you aren't using.  I can't think of them all but one near and dear to our community site is the use of sidebars.  Why not add a who's online right sidebar to say ... a particular forum, or topics in a particular forum ... like client lounge?

And at the same time, here's a shoutout to everyone else to add ideas of showing the "goods" in other ways around the ips site.  I know that IPS does that on the forum index page but because it is the forum index page, and everyone is accustomed to seeing the sidebar items on that particular page, that's my reasoning for mixing it up a little.

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We actually plan on starting to allow client to do features on our blog.

So you could write a blog entry showing off something interesting you do in IPS4 and we will post it here. In that way you get promotion and we get to show real-world use.

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