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How to make site directory with "pages"?


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i've an expired License of links directory mod and i can renew, yes... But - if is possible - instead to use custom mod/plugin/hook etc, i want use ipb default resource.

Well, someone can try ho le i can male a link directory with pages?

Some info just For starting... :)


i need to male also an "author quote" page (with category name, User report, rating etc...)! But i don't have any idea on How i can start :P


thanks in advance For any help,


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Yes, this is definitely doable with IP.Pages.  Just create a database and make the fields for URL, Link Name, Link Description etc.  The database and storage of the links is easy, but it probably won't have a nice display template unless you custom create one.

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on 3.4 you must set 3 template (category, display, listing) on that you could reposition fields where you would.. image on left and title and truncated description  for listing

problem is the links directory permise some integration (while writing new/edit record thumbshot automatic service based on url)

you must hooking to them anyway... for full feature of app.

i would permise to adviser (approved only) to bring up to the list or add custom widget(event calendar, some stats, product...) based on this only hooking i think could make it.




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