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Port 81 in community address?


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My IPS started adding port :81 to it's address. It looks like that: http://star-citizen.com.pl:81/forum/

Also users complain about squares being shown inside icons. These prevent forums from being marked as read when icon is clicked.

Has anyone seen something like that or it requires support action? This definitely isn't server related as Wordpress or test IPS install didn't generate such problems.




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It is definitly a server related problem, there is no doubt :smile:
Also when wordpress or other sites run smoothly it doesn mean its not a server case.

For me, by opening your site, im directly flooded with errors:

Please checkout your apache configuration with the following terms:

  • What port are you running on apache? Default should be :80, with ssl :443 as proxy
  • Do you use maybe an Apache Proxy redirecting on port 81?
  • Did you accidently used port 81 binding in your virtualhost? <VirtualHost *:81>

Additionally you should check your .htaccess this should be done already in the www-root dir, maybe there some actions performed recursivly.

At last, check the config of IPB, if your link has maybe the :81 set there.

As small info, the squares indicates that a webfont wasn't loaded successfully, this is the same as the js files doesnt load for me. I think its related to the port issue. However, there was also on IPB Side a nicely sideeffect where they issued the same thing after releasing their new site.


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