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Recount / Recache?


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Hi all,

Is there a way to recount everything (posts / topics / members etc.) and also to fix any BBCODE issues out within posts / signatures.

Seems multiple members have their signatures showing BBCode when it's enabled on the forums and they just have to go into their profile and then save signature again and then it works. But it's a pain for all members which have one. I remember in 3.x.x there was a feature which fixed these issues - I thought it was related to recache.

I couldn't find a task for it.


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Most/all bbcode in signatures didn't get rebuilt during the upgrade from 3.4 to 4. I bugged it, but it was closed as working properly so I wrote my own scripts to fix it. *shrug*

There is a way to force a recache, but it won't help you in this case.

System -> Support - > Something isn't working.  After a couple of steps you will see a message about caches being cleared.

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