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IPS 4 Gallery - Needs Work

Joel R

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I haven't heard any word of them adding it. I don't understand how it is not there. 

​I need to add heavy media to my site and using Youtube/Twitch/Dailymotion embed links for FREE immediately recoups the cost of an alternative licence to another product instead of self hosting using IPB which makes me sad.

The support provided here is superb 99% of the time, for that 1%, they just "shut out".

Just like the option to close a poll without closing a thread. Seems a fundamental request for a suite like this but they never acknowledge it. 

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A gallery is a place to view things it doesn't necessarily mean they have to be uploaded, they offer video upload, and need to add embeds. I really need this I have a video heavy site and I don't allow uploads. I have forum categories as video categories, and I'd really like to move this to Gallery! :)

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I agree.

In this day and age, not supporting embeds in a Video gallery makes no sense.

As a whole, gallery needs some heavy polish so I am hoping with all my heart that with that comes some new additions.

It is frustrating as gallery has MAMMOTH potential but as it stands, even as a picture gallery, it is lacking.

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Feedback from development: 

  1. Bug
  2. Bug
  3. Feature suggestion - shouldn't be an issue to do.
  4. Bug
  5. You can, through permissions, make it so people cannot upload images (thereby making it album only) and you can also turn off the ability to create albums (thereby making it image only). If this doesn't behave as expected, it would be a bug -- please file a bug report.
  6. As discussed, we agree and this will be revised - no ETA at this time. 

#6 - the album issue

 any eta yet ?

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