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  1. Thank you for your replies, very helpful.

    Much appreciated.

  2. Will wait to see if @Lindy replies to this or the other thread. Something like is definitely needed though as a core feature. Kind of like having a toolbox with only half the tools to do the job at the moment regarding moderation and moderation is a very important part of managing a community.
  3. If a users content is moderated, the "reason for edit" cannot be seen by the user. If the " Show that the message has been edited" box is ticked, it is shown to everyone. So we currently have two options: Show to admins only Show to everyone Can there not be a third option to only allow the users whose content is being moderated to the see the reason for the edit? Along the same line, if that third option is selected, having that sent as a notification or PM to the user automatically would be easier than sending a manual message.
  4. The questions/answers system is good, but why does it have to be separated into separate forums? Also, when asking a "Question", a lot of the time, the "Question" is in the title, no additional information is required yet you are forced to type something else into the text box which people sometimes just put the title anyway. If that makes sense?
  5. @Lindy Is a "close time" for polls anything we can look forward to? I know customers sometimes sound like a self deserving, ungrateful bunch but honestly, were not really like that. Thanks.
  6. I am glad to see this has been partially implemented however @chilihead has very valid points. I am not saying "Hey, do this NOW" but the points made would add value and purpose to the suite.
  7. @Lindy WOOP, you guys did it, kind of. #Thankyou This being the internet however, of course we want more so do not think we are happy just yet
  8. My members create their own videos. Youtube hosting is free and reliable and it just works. What is the problem?
  9. What is the difference between browser led "copy to clipboard" and the EXACT same image copied to the clipboard using another program? For example, using the Windows snipping tool? If the item is already "Online", that defeats the purpose as you would simply use the URL making the whole "feature" redundant?
  10. Not working here. Print screen.. CTRL+V - Nothing happens?
  11. Just as IMGUR handles it. If that makes sense to anyone?
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