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  1. Thank you. That looks soo much tidier. No idea why they do not use that as the default layout, although I understand it is subjective. Are there any resources I can look at so not having to pester here when needing to change stuff. I have looked around but info seems scarce
  2. Thank you for your replies, very helpful.

    Much appreciated.

  3. Oh mate, thank you again, superstar In my quest to remove more "wasted" space, anyone know how to reduce space on category titles as below: Thanks.
  4. Very useful, thank you. Worked a treat. Can the same be applied to the forum list too?
  5. Can someone please advise on what needs to be changed to reduce "blank" space. For example: Thank you.
  6. Thank you. I see no reason why IPS cannot add that as a stock button. Using the dialog at the bottom of the window is fugly in my opinion. That does work, but all the theming is ignored compared to the stock buttons, all looks rather "hacky" for something which should be included by default in my opinion.
  7. What I am trying to achieve is in the forum view, adding the moderators for each forum to the forum description, like this: However, what I would like, to make it tidier, is not have it highlighted or with the @ symbol? I expect a setting I am missing to automatically show moderators? I could create a "link" but that leaves an underline, any way to remove underlines from links? Thanks.
  8. Will wait to see if @Lindy replies to this or the other thread. Something like is definitely needed though as a core feature. Kind of like having a toolbox with only half the tools to do the job at the moment regarding moderation and moderation is a very important part of managing a community.
  9. If a users content is moderated, the "reason for edit" cannot be seen by the user. If the " Show that the message has been edited" box is ticked, it is shown to everyone. So we currently have two options: Show to admins only Show to everyone Can there not be a third option to only allow the users whose content is being moderated to the see the reason for the edit? Along the same line, if that third option is selected, having that sent as a notification or PM to the user automatically would be easier than sending a manual message.
  10. I have deleted some members and wish for their content to be removed also. However, all the posts have defaulted to "Guest" but I can see no way to "batch" delete them and as "Guest" is not a member, it is difficult to remove all the posts. Thanks.
  11. Sorted. Thank you very much.
  12. My misunderstanding. I am trying to "copy/paste" from a website for example. On one Invision forum I visit, I can simply "copy" what I need and paste and it works with images and everything. On my forum and here, it does not paste everything, just the text. I thought it was an HTML issue but I understand my misunderstanding now.
  13. The questions/answers system is good, but why does it have to be separated into separate forums? Also, when asking a "Question", a lot of the time, the "Question" is in the title, no additional information is required yet you are forced to type something else into the text box which people sometimes just put the title anyway. If that makes sense?
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