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  1. Hi Jim It’s been every new user for the last 3 days though? all different providers. James
  2. Hey Guys all registration emails have all started failing the last few days with no change to settings. Test emails have been working fine. and email account via webmail works. Thank you
  3. Haha thank you, told you it was stupid. I was looking everywhere 🙈
  4. Hey Guys Stupid question time haha. I have set up a countdown timer on my home page that has finished, but I can’t remember how I did it and want to remove it. any idea? J
  5. I would like users to all to add a car setup for a pc game. ie Front Suspicion, Rear Suspension with the form having the options available using a slider. The user also adds the setup to a track ie USA, Australia with a lap time. Then want to make a page were users can filter by track or by team.
  6. Hey Guys Just seeing if this is possible before i add Pages to my current forum. I would like to add a section to my site where i can add a form where users can fill out and it be saved to the sql database. The form will need to be an advanced form with sliders and be able to enter times and countries. I would then like to made another page that displays database entry’s and another page to filter results, for example filter data by country or time. Thank You James
  7. What ones do we need to enable now? Thank you
  8. Brilliant, thanks for the quick reply. I remember seeing that some where before on here, my bad.
  9. Hello I am having the same issue when using the Magic Invite link. James
  10. Failed logins don't grey out the username.
  11. What do you greyed out user mean?
  12. I am getting this aswell. James Is there away to clear the log? James
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