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  1. Yes... same thing. TRIED to do the patch only but there was no option... only to 4.4.1... so IPB won... I upgraded.
  2. IPB won... upgraded to 4.4.1... could not find options to just put the patch. lol.
  3. Correct, I see there is an important security update for Commerce, which I have... BUT where do we know if it is for Commerce for 4.4 or Commerce for any version including 4.3.6 which I am on.
  4. So just went to my community and saw the dreaded red banner that I must upgrade. There was a security fix in 4.4.1.... BUT... it does not say if it is a fix for 4.4 or prior versions that need this fix too. If it is a fix for all the versions, I get it... but if only 4.4 and we are still on 4.3.x.... get rid of banner. 😃
  5. Humn, any outside the box solutions? Maybe collecting responses into some sort of spreadsheet like google sheets and then importing those tallies? Or forget it and simply try to have users respond in comments/reviews.
  6. what was the cause of this error? Conversion? or regular upgrade? How likely is someone to see it? Thanks. (and this is partly why you wait for following releases. =P)
  7. So was using the pages directory for a basic directory, though then switched over to an excellent company directory plugin which just works better. Now I have a different tast I want to do and wondering if database can do it. 1. Will have a record for each town in the state. 2. Want to create basic questionnaire for members to fill out. Database would take a few of those questions, say # of days, and then in the record display the "average number of days" as reported by the users. Even better if can do all time average, 1 year average, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Don't get the red banner but do get the regular upgrade banner. Seeing it in Admin CP is fine, but seeing it on the front end, is quite annoying. As others, generally wait until 1 or 2 versions after major upgrade and LOTS of testing before upgrading.... especially when you have plugins or mods that you are not sure will work and need other people with those mods to upgrade first and fix the MODS before the base software.
  9. So just purchased the plugin to convert some groups to clubs. I think the Closed Club is precisely what we want.... I just think it is silly to not be able to "add members" as admin when it is closed? Was there a reason for this? I suppose have to make it an open or private club, add members, then switch the type.
  10. That is good to hear. Otherwise I thought this would be yet another short sighted move just like getting rid of SparkPost integration. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using paypal, especially since the appeal is... money goes right into paypal account and you are not depositing it into a checking account as you are with Stripe or Braintree.
  11. I would add, is the new domain on the same cpanel account? I.e. the actual database name when copied would be different. cpanel1_db1 would now likely be cpanel2_db1. Same for users and all. Other thing I would add, is depending on how it was copied, make sure you can actually see the database from the user account. IIRC, if you copy as root, the ownership may revert to root and not the actual account.
  12. Was going to say, also, if testing upgdade, why not just make a copy into new directory, copy of databases, update the config file and then upgrade. No need to move to another domain.
  13. IF the site is physiowissen.de, I jut went to it and loads fine for me.
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