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  1. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    @wohali extremely happy with Rocket chat, especially with the mobile and desktop apps. Would love to have a widget that would show who is in chat, and would buy,
  2. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Awesome, clean and catchy. Question, can you tell me more about your instagram integration on the bottom? Exactly what I am looking for.
  3. yep, like worthflows.
  4. upgrade...no chat?

    Looked at all the alternatives, the solution we ended up with is using Rocket.Chat and plugging in with OAuth plugin, by @wohali
  5. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    This +100 Forbes learned the hard way. They were blocking people who used ad block.... people stopped going there. If you are dependent on ads for revenue, doing it wrong. Premium members + affiliate programs.. Use ads to fill in the rest.
  6. OAuth Server

    Did you just place that at the bottom of the discussions? Appearing on every page or? I have scope empty too iirc and works fine.
  7. Can we please look into the ability of adding multiple users to private chat in ip.chat? Instead of just one on one? thanks. This is something that has been requested by our members for a long long time.
  8. So Classifieds also held me back.... but then I realized... members HATED the classifieds system and just rather post in the forum itself. Problem solved. Since getting rid of classifieds, our marketplace is significantly busier and overall site traffic is back up. the challenge is many members subscribed to the marketplace listings, and classifieds made it much tougher. Furthermore it discouraged discussion.
  9. I personally like seeing them, as an admin. Not necessarily the number of "members" but I do like the number of posts and topics. The members number is deceiving as tons of forums have a ton of spam of registrations. This is why I like VB's Acitive Members stat.
  10. just want to say.......

    You went the same route I did a few years ago. Started the forum on phpbb 3 years ago. Then, took the big step to upgrade to IPB after having lack of professional support on phpbb, and having to get a plugin for everything. Welcome to the club. Nice site, btw... change your FavIcon. =)
  11. Trader Feedback System

    Stuart, having a hard time... How would I do it exactly? I have a list of all members who need feedback, along with a number of positives.
  12. Trader Feedback System

    Have not played with it yet... But will it be ok to just go through the members and enter in one number in the table? Or do I have to fill in the rest such as classifieds link, etc. Thanks.
  13. (NG33) Global Ads

    How is your system better or what are the tangible benefits to paying for your ad system if we already have nexus?
  14. Trader Feedback System

    Purchased this app and so far it is awesome. We have kept a post with username and a number +4 or whatever for feedback score. We want to import this into the trader app. Is this doable? Can't find how. thanks.
  15. IPChat needs work...

    Here are the ideas that my users had.... Ability to link to images in chat that are stored on our forum, rather than images on the internet. Ability to invite people into Chat from the forum, inside the chat room Ability to have private chat with multiple users.