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  1. I am really excited about getting a native app, but I am not giddy in terms of "wow, look how progressive or on the cutting edge Invision is." Unfortunately, this is something that should have been here 4 or 5 years ago. It will be great when it is here, and I think it will help stem a decline in forums as a whole, but is it going to get new people? Who knows. I do believe that having monetization in the app should be the top priority beyond "it works." For communities that have lots of mobile traffic, we do want to have it monetized, and with Tapatalk... while they are evil and there are many wrongs, at least we were paid somewhat. lol. What my main concern will be will be as soon as the app is installed, there will be a substantial drop in income as most anyone using the communities on a mobile phone, will do so via the app, and if there is no monetization... will have a negative impact. And yes... PLEASE invest resources into Blogs, Gallerys, etc... I have writers who publish to Wordpress sites who feel helpless and limited trying to write an article on Blogs. In reality though... I agree with a few others here, as a non-programmer, but as a business owner, you can't hold yourself back because you may tick off a few people. If the future is PWA or whatever... how about leading? I am sure the apple users would rather have a working mobile experience and NOT get notifications at the time, instead of waiting. But this also goes to the whole convo of.... doubling down on community (whether community owners should) or accept that the vast majority of the world prefers platforms like FB/IG/YT and we should have our communities centered around those and centralize on a site, etc. (especially as Google keeps suppressing community generated content, aka Forums from search results.)
  2. So just purchased the plugin to convert some groups to clubs. I think the Closed Club is precisely what we want.... I just think it is silly to not be able to "add members" as admin when it is closed? Was there a reason for this? I suppose have to make it an open or private club, add members, then switch the type.
  3. That is good to hear. Otherwise I thought this would be yet another short sighted move just like getting rid of SparkPost integration. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using paypal, especially since the appeal is... money goes right into paypal account and you are not depositing it into a checking account as you are with Stripe or Braintree.
  4. So... it already is real time... Rocket.Chat. 😃 LOL, I will let you guess. BUT... this one, my more well thought out responses are posted from my office.
  5. In reality... NO. Messenger is essentially private message systems on forums. Video Chatting is okay... but seriously, do you only Facetime? 99% of the time you either send a text message or do a voice call. Video Chat is only good if you want to show something. Having video chat only means I have to take a look in the mirror as to how I look BEFORE I pick up the phone or what not. Besides, do you really want video chats with someone sitting in the bathroom? That is where A LOT of the forum and facebook usage happens. Beyond that... look at livestreaming like Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and Facebook Live. Relatively speaking... it is a failure and most people I know who did A LOT of live streaming, are no longer doing it. In reality, the vast majority of traffic is still to articles, stories and recorded videos. It is not to live streaming type stuff. The BEAUTY and value of forums is that it is not just about "right now" but rather the past, the present and the future. Rocket.Chat started out as self hosted solution. This is still 100% free. For those that do not want to deploy it on own servers, they have a paid option, aka IPS vs IPS Cloud.
  6. correct me if I am wrong, but this is ONLY an issue IF you "Force Subscription" at signup. In essence you are merely asking for "Show Subscriptions on Registration." Just like Products are available.
  7. I would also add... Subscriptions would need A LOT more work vs Products as would need to be added... 1. Discount options for certain groups. 2. Ability to purchase more than one, have people buying more to support the site above and beyond, or Premium + vendor. 3. Different payment gateways for various subscriptions. We use paypal + stripe. Depending on costs and then some we require a payment agreement (monthly) others we do not. Do not see it possible right now. Most of all, changing over from the hundreds of people already on a subscription to move over to new system. For a new site, absolutely see it, but much like moving from old subscriptions to Nexus was a MAJOR pain in the ass and lost revenue, I see the same issues now moving from Nexus/Commerce/Products to less customized subscriptions. This is why would be a huge fan of marking existing products as subscriptions, and providing the selection screen, etc... I can just see major headaches going from just one system to two... Commerce + subscriptions, especially for a community that sells other items. .. but would love to make it easier for users to compare the different subscription options.
  8. Looks good, You are right in that Nexus/Commerce is not great for subscriptions but that is how it was for years after IP killed the old subscriptions. Going through products, right now is the best way at least for micro managing it, i.e. who can buy, discounts, etc. (which we fairly often use), especially for vendors and other services like directory listings, etc. Should there be a subscriptions focus inside commerce? Absolutely..., but I suppose like Clubs, when launched still needed a ton of enhancements to make it usable... just to get to the same level as what regular Product/Commerce provides.
  9. Cool. So I would be pushing IPS to make it that easy to run Products as subscriptions. 😃 As far as making it easy to find them... I just run the subscriptions/products in one category, and have a link from the menu and sidebars directly to that category.
  10. Ok... so seems like an issue with the free "subscriptions"? Solution is easy... why use the half feature one and just do what you were always able to... Subscription/Products. And you show the "products" on signup. Customer has the option not to buy them and is a regular member.
  11. As @InsideEdge and other mentioned... I don't understand the need to have a $0.00 Subscription? What does that accomplish that what a regular, non-subscriber member gets? We have about 10% premier members. They can buy at any time or at the time of sign up. Then, there are a few members that get free and I either do it via coupon if it is a one time thing, or manually adding the product and marking it paid. Alternative is, if made premium permanently, then I just change their usergroup to that membership and that is it. Otherwise... to go with a $0.00 subscription you would then have at least 3 usergroups... 1. Regular member 2. Non-Paying Subscription $0.00 and 3. Paying member How is 1 and 2 different and what does it accomplish? This is a solution in search of a problem.
  12. Did you switch from the OAuth plugin we used to the new built in oAuth? If so, would love your help. And same here... using Rocket.chat and LOVING IT! Far better than anything IPS had with Ip.Chat and far more reliable. No offense to IPS... but Chat was not their strong suite. Towards the end, it was also not very reliable. Running self hosted rocket.Chat. And a Rocket.Chat plugin showing who is in chat.
  13. This I have no clue. I suppose what you can do is, if you have Pages on the cloud, you can create a page and integrate a cloud version of Rocket.Chat there. Or... get your own server/hosting, even a cheap dedicated should work, and host the rocket.chat install there.... and plug it into ips.
    This is a very powerful application and well worth the money for any community trying to create a directory of anything. While there were a few quirks... the developer has been very much responsive and open to feedback. I look forward to continuing to implement this in our community and see the app grow more powerful.
  14. As we discussed Incomplete product with errors. The bad: Lots of undisclosed basic things that still need to be ironed out. This really is beta software not a complete product. 1. There is no way to sort how the links appear to the user. DESPITE the fact that you can order links in the ACP... it has ZERO effect on how the user sees it. This was not disclosed and cannot be discovered until you purchase. Had I known this basic fact, would not waste my money on this. Not having the ability to sort links should be both disclosed and corrected. Interestingly... you can sort the way the categories appear and making changes in the ACP does change how they appear on the live site. 2. Cannot add one link to multiple categories. If you have one link that belongs in multiple categories, you need to enter that link more than one time into each category. That would of course create multiple links on the home listing. 3. Issues with how images/links appear! If you are using the "descriptions" field, the links do not show up straight, only if there is an equal number per row and even such, does not always work. See below. Note it is used on a basic IPS site, no custom templates.
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