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Cant access my forum after moving ip.board to another folder


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so i was using ip.content as my default page and i was using htaccess mod rewrite 

so i decided to install wordpress as my website main page and moving ip.board to another folder   /forum "

so after i moved my ip.board and to another folder and installing wordpress now i can no longer use forums or going to admin panel or anything else the only thing that works is ip.content because its the default page  if i click on forum the page goes back to wordpress with 404 page not found error 



i have already changed URL in conf_global.php to http://demonlords.net/forum/

also i have tried to change "ccs" back to "forums" if i do that my forum loads but again if i click on any forum sections the page goes back to wordpress with 404 page not found


i have already posted a ticket to help they say

The problem is the .htaccess file for your Wordpress install in the root folder.

It's interfering with board operation, and... it's also throwing a 500 Error if I rename it temporarily for testing (which is odd all by itself).

You'll have to adjust that .htaccess file so it does not interfere with the ./forum/ subdirectory.

its been 2 days without any hopes and i still didnt get an answer :/ 

any ideas? 


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no the problem is not with wordpress htaccess but ip content and  htaccess mod rewrite

my ip.content is set as default page it loads at demonlords.net  without any extra bits at the end of the link, and the forum loads at demonlords.net/index

how can i set my ip.board back to normal? i want to completely remove ip.content from default page and back to normal forum

its been 4 days i dont get an answer from official support :/ 

need help

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