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How Thorough Is Search Supposed To Be?


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My test site has relatively few content items. There are 15 posts (most of which are a few words), a couple of test Calendar events, and that's about it. The only thing of any actual depth is a single 7,000-word article in a Pages record, which is the text version of a journal from 1905.

I thought I would demonstrate to my colleagues how the search function would be very useful for research, since there are hundreds of these historical records that I will be adding over the next few years, and the example I would use would be the name 'mugglestone', since a Mr Mugglestone is mentioned in the article:


A couple of weeks ago this was working fine (although other names in the article weren't being picked up by the search) but then out of nowhere this generated no results. Subsequent jumps to betas 7 & 8 and RCs 1 & 2 are also failing to produce this as a valid search term:


I'm in two minds whether this is a bug. Is it the case that the search function can't be expected to trawl everything or index everything in a cache? Or should it be expected to identify any term that's present in a content item? It's a little worrying for me that even with so little content on my site terms aren't being matched.

Is there something I should be doing along the lines of rebuilding a search cache? If so, how? I tried searching in the ACP but nothing was coming up. Or does my experience here suggest that search is that not behaving as it should and so needs flagging up as a bug?



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Thank you for the rapid response, @Charles. I've done as you suggested and am still getting no results. This extends to several other words I've experimented with in the same article.

It seems to me that the search indexing must only go so far into the article because there's a clear demarcation between successful hits and zero:


One for the bug tracker, then?

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