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How should install new beta in old database?


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Hi, when tried ugrade to beta 5 the installation was crashed, so I install the all new beta 5, but I need the data of the old database, but when import the database to the new database of beta 5, appear message of duplicate information and table. :unsure: What I should do is the correct way?


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How I did it.

  • download copy of config.php from live site
  • login to cpanel and create a new database IPSV4b5 for example
  • Assign existing user to the database
  • create directory / subdomain for the test install (remember that this is the URL that will be used for all test installs
  • Upload the files for IPB v4
  • copy public and upload folders for live site (don't move, download locally - you could also compress these two folders and move the compressed file and then extract that by using cpanel file manager) then upload them to the directory for the test install (I personally took it offline for maintenance for 5 minutes).
  • You can do this part in one of 2 ways, take live forum offline or leave live (crude but effective) change the upload paths to the uploads paths for the test database you can also do this via phpmyadmin but I'm not 100 certain on what needs changed in the database but only do it once you have copied the database (see below)
  • login to phpmyadmin, go to existing database, and then select operations,

  • Untick create database before copying and in the field above, enter the database information and then click go to copy the database to the test install database
  • once it has copied, go to the config.php in the test install directory edit and enter the test database information (replacing the live database information).
  • then go to www.domain.com/admin/upgrade and run the upgrader, it will ask you to convert to UTF8 if you haven't already done so.
  • Follow the upgrade steps

​Hopefully this is of some help.

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If you have copied the information from the live database to a new test database and tried to upgrade and it failed, and you then retried. Drop the contents of the test database NOT the live database and take a backup before you do (just in case).

Then repeat the process above.

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