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[Commerce] Custom License Key Formats


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in this guide for previous IP.Board there is a way to make your own custom license key format [nexus] ..

searching for the files md5.php or standard.php in IPS4 seems not to exist anymore although the functionality is in IPS4 Commerce ..

Is there any info/doc leak/peek for IPS4 to do custom licenses ? ( I know the docs are a bit behind, just looking for a small hint to get the idea going  ;)  )

Will it be possible to do so in IPS4 ?

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Thank you .. found those files  :)

Last question to get me started : How can I grab the purchase/billing first name & last name of the customer .. and the member email address .. the format I have to use in a custom license key php file ..

I have to make a POST to a different license server to request a license key ..

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$firstAndLastName = $this->purchase->member->cm_name;
$emailAddress = $this->purchase->member->email;

$this = \IPS\nexus\Purchase\LicenseKey object
$this->purchase = \IPS\nexus\Purchase object
$this->purchase->member = \IPS\nexus\Customer object

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