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  1. Been a few posts on this for about a year now, every couple of months I ask about it and they say they are working on it but no ETA. I run a store which uses only commerce and pages, every day that goes by that my store doesn't have a search I am potentially losing money. I have had enough and been working on moving away from Invision Power for my store, shame as I am also setting up another store which I was also going to use commerce for. Shame I have been with Invision Power for about 6 years now, and own 3 Licenses (across multiple accounts).
  2. Coming up on 9 months and still waiting for information on this.
  3. Any ETA on a search for commerce? at the moment there is no way to search for products, I am loosing money because customers want to search for what they want by typing in a word, and not checking each category, which I have had to change so customers can find the products better, but that will only work for so long, in the next 3 weeks I will be adding 30+ new products, and I can just see people giving up looking for the version they want. I got told 6 months ago that you guys are working on it. 6 months on and not a single word about it. PLEASE tell me a search is coming soon for it?
  4. It has been 6 months since I posted a bug report about commerce having NO search and this is the reply I got. Since then there has been NO news at all and many new versions, yet still NO search. I run an online store and only use Pages and Commerce, the most asked question is HOW CAN I SEARCH YOU STORE!!!, They cannot do a quick search to find what they want so they leave, I am loosing money because of this, which is only going to be made worse as I am releasing new products soon, which will have about 40+ different variations, and customers need to be able to find the correct product variation that fits perfectly with the model of hardware they have. When is commerce getting the search feature?
  5. 4 months on and no news at all about this...
  6. Sorry should have been more specific, I was on the company homepage and in the corner Live Sales chat popped up, and said all staff were offline and gave boxes to enter name, email and a message box. That is what I was meaning, not IP.Chat.
  7. I noticed there is a live sales chat popup on the main website, will this become available in future versions of Commerce? I am currently looking into 3rd party solutions but would rather not use 3rd party apps and keep everything stock.
  8. @Daniel F any update to this? This is slowly becoming a bigger issue for me, as I only run commerce and I am constantly adding more products, not only this but I am currently in the process of taking over another company (another store) and will be redoing that website with IP.Page and IP.commerce and there are a lot of products and customers are going to start getting frustrated when they cannot search for what they want, which I will start losing money through both sites...
  9. While I agree with everything said in this topic, this above would need the ability to turn off either in a category settings or a setting in the product itself.
  10. I am only running Commerce and Pages, seeing as the changes are just board files should I upgrade or skip this one?
  11. Reported it as a bug, and Daniel replied with this. So I am happy. Just hope it gets implemented soon, as I am constantly adding new products to my store, only a matter of time before I really need the search feature, but for now I am fine without it.
  12. hopefully it got missed when they redone v4 and not just removed. Tempted to put in a bug report incase it was just forgotten / not showing because of another issue...
  13. Really surprised that no one has commented on this, guess I must be one of the few that uses just commerce with loads of products. The search function is a really important part of every community, and not being able to search the commerce is a HUGE failure by Invision, Need to be able to search the store otherwise, people will just give up looking for a certain products and go to a competitor meaning I will be losing money. Please add this to your to do list, I beg you.
  14. How come we cannot use the front end search to find commerce products? Have never come across an online store that you cannot search, very important feature please include this.
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