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The Commerce Advertisements Sale system is amazing, but it can be better yet. I'll write some ideas to improve the Self-Service Advertisement System. 

  1. The possibility to manage your purchased ads in the purchases area. See how many clicks or impressions it was received, how many time until it expires, your banner image, the ad location. And see when it is expired, also, the possibility to disable and enable your own ads anytime before it expires. 
  2. An option to reactivate non-time-based expired Ads in purchases area (without change the settings), it is much more comfortable than create a new one even it expires.
  3. The possibility to charge for clicks and impressions based on the ad location. For example, an advertisement in page header can have a single click price of "0,15$" and impression price of "0,5$". And before the checkout, the customer can choose how many clicks your ad may receive before being disabled, and this is charged in the final price.
  4. An option to set the Advertisement priority. In this case, customers can pay more for the system to prioritize your ad at the time of randomization.
  5. One single customizable product. The customers can set the location and the clicks/impressions limit on the product settings before the checkout. 


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