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Currently using Commerce for my online store, it is a lot better than what I was using. The only issue I am seeing is, I offer loads of options for my products, some options change the price of the main product, but at the moment there is no way to add prices to the custom options.  Please implement this, as I feel this is the only feature Commerce is missing.

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1 hour ago, chilihead said:

In 3.4 there is, I'm not on 4, maybe you are looking in the wrong area? It's not where you add the option. In 3.4 it's the little box icon next to the dropdown.

Expected it to be around the custom options section, just had another look and found it. No idea how I missed that, it is under "Stock & Price adjustments" in the Add / Edit product been looking for that for a few weeks.


Topic can be locked now. :D

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