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Collective translation of IPS 4.0


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Dear IPS team! Is there any chances to use collaboration tool for collective translation of IPS 4.0? For example, something like need this tool, because most of forum admins need a ready-to-use solution. Not only Quick Translating.

It's a pity, but, for example, now a perfect Russian translation doesn't exist. There are plenty of bad/incorrect/outdated language packs, and some of them are on sale for big money. I had to use paid translation, but it has so many mistakes, so I have to make manual corrections every day! It's terrible... I think, there is the same problem with the other languages.

To be a Russian doesn't mean that you can make a good translation. So the language experts and approval system are much needed. Any "translation team" should have leaders/moderators. I think, there are many responsible members here, who can join this process.

Please, organize and inspire us to work together! :)

Thank you.

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I think, it's better then nothing. For example, now you can upload existing translations of 3.4.6 (they are complete, but full of mistakes). I can give you mine. Collective correcting of mistakes is much easier then making translation from scratch.

Moreover if you can't pay to translators, you can use another motivation like free 6 month subscription for the best contributors, e.t.c.

So now after the release of IPS 4.0, everybody will be for himself. Translation of such a big project is very hard for one man. So I'm afraid, the first (for example, Russian) translation will appear one year later after the release of IPS 4.0, like it was with the IPS 3. :( It's a very serious problem.

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We did try a collective translation thing before but nobody really contributed to it and we never ended up with a complete translation for any language tongue.png

I have tried to contribute, but it was really difficult. When you do not know where the language string is actually used and whether it is used at all (some were outdated, but never deleted). >Quick translating is very helpful. Still it would be better, one can upload his version into IPS and download updated one. I agree to @motomac, that paid translation are of just bad quality, but it is impossible to do it alone. So we have to buy poor quality translations (for me German and Russian) and start to correct the things.

Another point is: updates from the contributor are useless as own changes are then overridden and you start from the beginning. At least this point should be reviewed in IPS 4. Keep custom translations, similar to templates.

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