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Move forum to a new server - How do I do it?

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Our existing IPB rests on a OS X 10.4 server with PHP 4.

Now it's finally time to move the domain and IPB to a new server, which is an OS X 10.8 and PHP 5.

So, how is the easiest way to do this? I thought I'd seen a tutorial on this, but I can't find it at the moment.

Moving the domain etc is no problem. The problems are; What should the SQL database be named? Are there any PHP scripts that should be copied? Etc...?

Help appreciated,


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well I am not sure how it all works on OSX, so take this with grain of salt, but I have done many moves from centos to cent or debian and even ubuntu,

what I always do is take a full backup of the public_html folder (maybe OSX uses www ??) into a zip and transfer (scp usually) that to new server.

on new server I extract to a backup folder and then (still using that new server or file manager on it) copy the files to new public html.

then make sure ownership and permissions are correct.

then I import the database into the new one and edit conf_global php db name and user.

then once in acp edit the paths as needed and do all the rebuilds of skin data and all the recaches.

usually its not too hard, it sounds more daunting then it is. the way I do it I always have a backup (old server) just in case.

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Exported the SQL database, resulted in "Error 127".

Found the defect table; ibf_core_share_links_log

Did the SQL Query "REPAIR TABLE" and it did the following:

- info: Wrong bytesec: 0- 0- 0at 234412; Skipped

- warning: Number of rows changed from 1969 to 1957

- status: OK

Copied the now error-free database to the new machine.

Importing (with Sequel Pro) results in the following error message:

"[ERROR in query 1] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '??#' at line 1"
Help! What should I do? :(
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