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search-engine optimization

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i have few questions about search-engine optimization.

1) As i understood in IPS bots(spiders), don't have separate group, but they use permissions based on guest group.

So, if in permissions i set that guests can't read topics, it means that bots also can't index topic titles and tags for topics?
Should i make specific group(permission set) for bots?

2) Sitemaps. Is there any step by step tutorial for newbie?

3) Meta tags. To separate them we should use commas?
Like: blue yeti, white yeti, brown yeti? after commas we should use white space?

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I also realized that google is indexing a lot of junk, like:
free - Tags - Forums - Armedunity
project - Tags - Forums - Armedunity
Help Topic: How to Register
Help Topic: Calendar
June 27, 2013 - Armedunity
Week beginning June 18, 2013 - Armedunity

And nothing from that, what is really important.

P.S. even all sitemaps you can download just by clicking on link.
sitemap_core_forums.xml.gz and others.

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1) a. They can only index what they can see, so your assumption is correct. On our board we do not make any profile information available to guests, or the member list for that matter, for privacy reasons. Forums we don't want or don't need indexed get excluded from the permissions as well, like our chat forum.

1) b. You could, I guess. I did try a long time ago, but didn't really need a separate group. I think you really need to set up a new group for Guests, rather, if I am not entirely mistaken (but I could be :D ).

2) No Idea, someone else needs to help here :).

3) Commas, yes, white space makes it more human readable, but is not required.

HTH, warm regards, Wim

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