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Day 3 - no support response


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I'm getting pretty fed up right now. Just over a week ago I asked Invision to upgrade my system from 3.2 to 3.4.3 All went (mostly) well, but there are some pretty serious issues that I see no general discussion on. the biggest of these is that I have a script error when trying to send out a bulk mail. Just can't do it. Sending out newsletters is a critical element of running a community.

I'm now also noticing that there is a fairly serious permissions issue with the custom navigation in that it isn't showing up items for groups, even though they are specified to be shown to those groups.

Nobody is answering me in support and I am not used to having to wait this long. What is going on?

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Hello, your ticket is now just at 48 hours old, wedo apologize for the delay, however Monday's are normally a little backed up due to light coverage on the weekend. You will have a response here very shortly as your ticket is being worked on now.

Thank you

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