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Forum "Likebutton" connected to facebook "like"

Kjell Iver Johansen

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is it possible to have an option for users to have a link between facebook and my forum, so that when they click "like" in the forum, a link to the post is beeing made in Facebook? Or the Like is promoted the same way as an facebook-like.

I see more and more people using facebook, and if we could make a closer connection between the forum and facebook it will benefit all.

Kjell Iver

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Why not just user the "Like" button for Facebook at the bottom of the topic?



My users just don't use it. I don't know why they dont't.
We have hundreds of likes inside the forum, and just a handful of likes to facebook as you describe over.
If we should have a chance to stand againts the competition for peoples time - we need to integrate as close as possible to facebook.
We have also a group for our forum on facebook - guess most forums have, would it be possible to update that group if someone click "like"?
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With hat screen shot above I have a question.

When you click on that Facebook icon it connects to Facebook fine, but why does it show the standard blue ipb image and not mine?

:) You need to set the meta image in your acp settings. :)
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Can I use a URL of a,location of a jg file?
I changed it. Do I have to resync?

:) Yes you can. It takes a long time for Facebook to acknowledge the changes (like a week). Usually if you try it with completely new threads it will update faster. :)
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Unrelated hijack

If someone’s not using LinkedIn regularly they find it pretty hard to grasp that there are boards whose members use it to network in business and that having an easier through to LinkedIn would allow their sites to thrive. And that ultimately, LinkedIn will just keep on improving their current forum structure so that what we eventually have is one giant network of key sites that use Google+ to connect everything up. Dangerous for the forum. LinkedIn in general though, whilst I can see its potential and have used it as a real business tool in various sales positions, the site seems to be run by proper arseholes. There's a whole host of methods employed to get on your nerves. The time I checked the box for 'manual renew' in Premium but they just went ahead and docketed 3 months of 90GBP odd total for the princely service of being able to direct email 3 other non-connected LinkedIn users a month regardless took some beating. They bombard you with emails if you're in any sort of groups which can be a royal c''t to put right and I can only assume that whoever owns Linkedin has also bought a shedload of shares in Facebook because they're likewise bombarding you with 'main stories' about the website every other day. Its association with a Twitter built API was a really nice model to network through but they all of a sudden cut Twitter off completely, not satisfied with the net profits it will have been raking in with another big site muscling in / co-operating alongside. From my own attempts with guys to incorporate a better through, the reports are that LinkedIn's API is stupidly impossible to work with. Then there's the future with websites like Twitter. How it too will improve its own model to possibly include the types of features you'd expect in a forum. Two weeks ago Twitter quietly introduced a new cataloguing system of all usernames and there'll be other improvements. But then at the same time there’s their inching towards charging people for use, charging business accounts and introducing its own advertising system that encroaches on its user experience. Twitter, like Facebook should be doing, should also die eventually. It's hopefully in an ideal world the nature of things. IP.Board should be capturing the demographics from websites like Twitter and especially LinkedIn whilst they're still vibrant so that when hopefully they decline for whatever reason, people still have a hard, searchable, static information source and networks of well built productive communities. There has been talk on three occasions of promises by non-IP Staff of dlivery of some sort of better system to integrate with LinkedIn but as yet I’m not aware of it. I wonder if I’m building my hopes too high for 3.4 because there’s a lot of stuff I’m expecting to see. Edit - Did I forget to mention as usual about LinkedIns being in the 12 biggest websites in the world. And the share buttons, the widgets, all the usual wants and needs., and that this is all really serious stuff, cataclysmic even.

I've been banging on about LinkedIn connections for, well since I got a board first. Hopefully I've said enough times how important it is.


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