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  1. It worked fine for a while and now its dead. I really need help. please someone. It says Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#1090091] An error occurred while trying to authorize this Facebook connection
  2. the dark blue I want to be the same color as the lighter blue so this all matches: See below
  3. Where is it that I can change the color to match the top color. This way its neat looking ty
  4. How do I remove "Recent Topics' on the sidebar without changing this line: Board Index - board index template - {parse variable="sidebar_disabled" default="$show_side_blocks"} THis way the donation link is still on the right side
  5. File is dead and it doesnt open. Can we get htis to work with 3.4?
  6. Is there a way to have Facebook posts injected 'live' into IPB 4 in a forum area with new topics and their replies? Its a GROUP page
  7. Users are experiencing the inability to log in. They have to click login 2-3 times with their info for it to take., According to IPB staff, its a Google adsense issue and I agree. Anyone else having this challenge? I have the ad to display on the footer of the main page which also seems to include the login area.
  8. No one has any tips on this??
  9. Can it be made to only show the topic, timestamp and poster? Like this:
  10. Would be best if the login handlers (like FB) were relocated to the top of the web login. You have to scroll down to see them and many people arent scrolling down.
  11. I'm happy to have started a topic that is a good read that brings both sides to the table rather than a cheer-leading post about the goodness of something. WHo wants to invest time doing a Donate/IP.Nexus mod for me?
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