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Advice & Tips On Uploads Folder Security

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We are trying to work out why a couple of our standard members seem to be using so many http connections which pushes up server load until we block the ipaddress.

They do not have access to our IP downloads movies as they are stored in a non web accessable folder on the server and the member needs to be in our active member group to have access to download them

So we have a couple of questions.

1 - Could they be pulling down all the pictures from the IPgallery and eveything else in the uploads folder?

We also have an IPcontent database for streaming movies and the movie files are stored in this folder but standard members don't have access to these movies, only our upgraded active member group members.

But as the movies are stored in the uploads folder - are they open to be ripped by anyone?

2 - What can we do to make it as secure as possible?

Many thanks,

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By non web accessible I assume you men above public_html? If so there's no way anyone can access them. They can only download via your downloads system. I do this myself with IP Downloads to prevent people hotlinking to files. However any files stored in public_html/forums/uploads/ is pretty much open to be ripped by anyone. IP Gallery stores it files there whereas IP Downloads lets you choose where to store files, one of them being a non web accessible folder above public_html like what I use.

Hope this helps.


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