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Sandi hon seriously i can not do upgrade as funds are short coming :) but would like to know do i delete all files in this folder?? also how do i find this folder, i have logged into my root throw WinSCP as i am just guesting here, i can see /var/Temp here i can see around 4 yellow folders and rest of stuff are just blank with numbers lmao..

Am i in wrong place??

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why are you talking about /tmp when the msg specifically says its the drive sda1 filling?
cpanel gives a specific error (one I posted above) when the /tmp is running low on space.
this usually symlinks to var/tmp where all your sessions (those are the # files) are stored so when thats filling it tosses the error I asked about earlier.
usually this /tmp is held around 4gb or so anyways from the securetmp scripts which clean it by crons, I would look towards old logs first (as mentioned above) then unneeded stuff in the home directories. this stuff in /home is where larger files will be.
how much disc space does your plan/host allow?
are you running apc cache or anything?

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