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what will this dedi support?

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not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but here goes

i run a gaming forum that has grown exponentially, and is overloading the vps that we started the forum on.
we have ~13,000 members ( usually 100-150 active, max active 212) and the forum reguraly slows to a crawl over 100 online users

i started looking for a dedicated server to move the site to, and was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea what the following server could support

Kimsufi 16g
i5 4x2.66
16gb ram


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With zero math, but educated guess, your new system will be bottlenecked on hard drive by 4:1. That is, before you reach 25% cpu (user) processing OR 25% of memory limit, your hard drive will reach its limit.
You should also understand what your host caters to. That line of brand is for their ultra-budget, and as such, should anything go wrong, you will face multiple nightmares for a long time such as during a hardware failure and little support. The network will also be often congested to certain areas of the world, though, most of europe should be served without much issues and likely to improve as they increase their own lines to the americas.

100 online users...... should be fine. But, expect slow downs from 300. If you get raid 10 sata with same ram/cpu, you'll likely be able to support 1000.

If you want to cater to large growth, get an ssd.

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thanks andy, i had no clue where to ask at ^^

awesome, thanks for the feedback, so now im looking at the superplan mini to get the dual 1tb drives in a mirrored setup
Processor Intel Core i3 2130
2x2(HT)x3.4+ GHz
3 MB L2 -
Virtualisation: VT Instructions Architecture 64 bits RAM 16 GB DDR3 Hard disk 2x 1TB - SATA2

from what you guys have said, this should hold us for quite a while, and the support package seems to be signifigantly better than the kimsufi.

any last words before i pull the trigger and start the move? will probably do it on late monday night (thats the slowest time window of our users)

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@rhett any suggestions? trying to keep the cost under $60 USD, as thats about what we make a month from ad revinue, i preffer not to have to ask the members for donations to cover the server costs ><

Not really much option at $60.00 per month, good bandwidth alone cost more than that :) however for the size of your site, it should work, one of those thing where you often do get what you pay for however. :)
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